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"Registered & Fully Qualified"
... what does this mean?

NAPIT and Part P

NAPIT Part P Registered

I am registered with NAPIT (The National Association of Professional Inspectors and Testers) which is a Government recognised Competent Person Scheme. This means:

  • I can legally work in dwellings without the need to have the safety of my work verified by the Local Authority Building Control.
  • I can certify the safety of the work I do, and its compliance with the Building Regulations.
  • I can cheaply notify the work I have done to Building Control - Building Control charge high fees for this if you contact them directly.
  • I am a "Competent Person". This is a legal term which means what I have said above.
  • I am "Part P Registered". This is a casual term which means the same thing.

For more information, see the NAPIT web site.

The TrustMark Scheme

TrustMark Registered

"TrustMark is an award-winning scheme supported by Government, building industry and consumer protection groups to help you find reliable, trustworthy tradesmen to make improvements and repairs inside and outside your home."

For more information, see the TrustMark web site.


I am a fully qualified electrician. My qualifications include:

  • Level 2 and Level 3 Certificates in Electrotechnical Technology - Installation (Buildings and Structures)
    These are standard qualifications for electricians and form the basis for the other qualifications. (I gained a distinction in each one of the modules of this course).
  • Level 3 Certificates in the Requirements for Electrical Installations
    - 16th Edition and 17th Edition.
  • Level 3 Certificate in Inspecting, Testing and Certification of Electrical Installations.
  • Applicable Building Regulations for Domestic Electrical Installation. This is often referred to as "Part P", which is confusing because it's purpose is to ensure electricians are aware of the other parts of the Building Regulations - Parts A to N.

Those are my electricians' qualifications which were gained on the back of Grade A Mathematics, Further Mathematics and Physics 'A' Levels and a BSc Honours Degree in Mathematics from Kings' College London. Incidently, I am also a qualified mathematics teacher and a reflexologist.

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